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Who we are ?

Nomadiya offers Women pret-a-porter collection designed and made by her own team. There are 4 collections each year and each are of limited quantity.


Produced and made in Lebanon and shipped all around Europe.


N O M A D I Y A 

//   A  C O N C E P T    //

Fresh. Glamorous. Smart. Creative. Mysterious. Surprising. Whimsical at times. Sentimental at others. Emotional in her choices yet rational in her decisions.
Nomadiya is a woman who reinvents herself at each sunrise. A woman who embarks on travel and ideas; the horizon as her guide and the sun her only companion. Nomadiya is now an essence, a lifestyle, a philosophy.


L A   F E M M E 

x      N O M A D I Y A     x

My identité
I am above all a woman. A woman; on a quest for fashion. Beauty. Love. Encounters. Cultures. Blends.
I am above all a woman. A woman; aware of my senses. Of my body. Of my heart.




{    L E S   S E C R E T S    }  

D E   N O M A D I Y A

Fashion has always been a part of my life: my grandmother and mother were both designers and I grew up surrounded with patterns, fabrics, and sewing machines. 
At the age of 6, I had already made my own design: a Hawaiian skirt made out of paper and held with some Scotch tape. Not long after that, I received my first sewing machine to create “nicer” dresses for my dolls.
So it was no surprise when I decided to enter the field and continue my studies in Paris, the fashion capital of the world. That’s where I received my degree in fashion-designing and pattern-making.
After two years at my mother’s workshop for wedding dresses, I decided to take a trip to Lebanon. I wanted to live my very own experience and worked with a high-end ready-to-wear Lebanese brand.
And that’s how my life changed. Love at first sight for a country, for a man, and for a culture. I decided to settle down in Beirut, a city that I barely knew existed only a few months earlier. 
After three years of gaining experience in fashion, from lingerie to ready-to-wear for men, women, and children, I decided, in 2014, to open a sewing workshop in the heart of the Lebanese capital. I began my blog and opened an Instagram account as a way to promote my courses and with time, many of you began following me. You then made me want to share even more with you: my looks of the day, my beauty tips, my designs, and even my life in Lebanon.
It’s now time to start writing a new chapter. Your support has encouraged me to make my childhood dream come true, to create my own brand and sell my own designs, my "babies" that I’ve been keeping a little shyly to myself.
A new concept has been taking shape...
Nomadiya is my story, my passion for fashion, a mix of cultures and inspirations between my life as a young girl in France and my life as a woman in Lebanon. 
But Nomadiya is also the modern woman, the one who travels, the one with an eternal inner child, who is strong and driven and believes in her dreams, the one who loves to move, combine styles, and be comfortable in her clothes. She does it all and fully embraces her femininity. 
Each in our own way, we are a #NomadiyaGirl.
Seeing you join me on this journey is the best reward<3></3><3></3>




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